MF ceilings specialist for residential developments in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire

Some of the ceilings we fit within residential developments are MF plasterboard ceilings. They’re lightweight and cost-effective.

These are also known as metal frame plasterboard (MF) ceilings. A metal framework suspended from the soffit above creates a suspension grid to screw fix plasterboard to. This provides a nice smooth finish and a reduction in the transmission of sound. Some high-performance plasterboard even has a specially designed core for enhanced noise insulation. There are also options to resist moisture and fire. Perforated plasterboard can be used in communal areas to meet regulations.

Ceiling coving

For a neat, contemporary finish, many residential developers choose ceiling coving. We are able to supply and professionally fit both plain and decorative ceiling coving as part of our service.

Other ceiling options

Despite the overriding preference for plasterboard ceilings in housing developments, we are equally versed in fitting suspended ceilings and tiled grid ceilings which do have a place in domestic settings from time to time.

All homes need ceilings – we can help!